Commercial Auto Insurance Vs. Personal Auto Insurance Coverage

Everyone who owns and drives a car needs auto insurance, including business owners. There are a good deal of different insurance policy coverage options, including different ones designed for personal auto insurance coverage and commercial auto insurance coverage. Businesses in Youngsville, NC could compare the different types of policies and learn where each one comes into play in the event of an accident. 

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What Does Personal Auto Insurance Entail?

Personal insurance covers everything you own, including home to car. Personal auto insurance protects your personal vehicle that is not used for commercial or business purposes. This type of insurance is for vehicles personally owned and the title is in your name. Your personal auto insurance policy covers you when you commute to work or drive on your own time. When you begin to use your vehicle for work purposes, personal insurance no longer covers it. 

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Entail? 

Commercial auto insurance covers more than personal insurance does. The added coverage is because the risks are higher when a vehicle is used for business purposes. Commercial auto insurance covers similar personal auto insurance items, including legal, medical, and damage costs. The added coverage protects you against the higher liability involved in owning and operating commercial vehicles. 

When Would I Need Commercial Auto Insurance? 

Here are some situations where you would need to have a commercial auto insurance policy: 

  • Transportation Service: You work transporting passengers or goods with your vehicle. 
  • Truck Driving: Drivers of semi-trucks may need this add-on policy, especially if they are an owner-operator. 
  • Providing a Service: You are a contractor, landscaper, or other similar service providers.
  • Drive for Business Reasons: Real estate agents or those who often drive to see clients. 

Those who use their car in Youngsville, NC may want to reach out to Holmes Insurance Services to discuss commercial insurance options available for business-related driving.