How Home Insurance Protects You

If you own a home, one of your responsibilities is to have a home insurance policy on it. Changes are, your lender requires you to have this coverage. However, even if you are not required to have it, it only makes good financial sense to do so. If you need a home policy, contact us today at Holmes Insurance Services in Youngsville, NC.

Financial Protection for Your House

There are a few types of protection that are included in a home policy, and one of those is for the dwelling. There are many accidents and other incidents that can cause major damage to a house- or even destroy it. When this happens, the repair costs can be extreme. Many people would not be able to come up with the money needed for these repairs. But with home insurance, you won’t have to. The insurance policy pays for the repairs or the rebuilding if necessary. This is important financial protection to have for as long as you own your home. 

Protection for Your Possessions

Next to the house itself, your biggest financial outlay has probably been to all of your possessions inside it. That makes coverage for these items important protection to have. With this coverage, if your possessions are ruined in a covered incident such as certain accidents, the policy would help you to pay to replace those items. Without this coverage, it could be hard to replace items because of the cost, but with a home policy, this is taken care of. 

Liability Protection

Another form of protection offered by home insurance is protection against your liability. If someone were to have an accident at your home that results in an injury, you are likely to be held liable for that accident. Home insurance covers you against this risk so that those medical bills will be paid. 

Home Insurance

If you need a home insurance policy, call us at Holmes Insurance Services in Youngsville, NC.