What Does It Mean When Auto Insurance “Follows The Car And Not The Driver?”

Insurance companies get this question a lot. Let’s say your Mom’s car is in a Youngsville, NC shop, but she needs to go somewhere. You’re busy and can’t take her, so you toss her your car keys. Someone hits her. Someone hits them. It’s discovered that the person who hit her first isn’t insured, and the person who hit them has no uninsured motorist. Who pays for all this?

Auto insurance rarely, if ever, follows the driver. Since it’s the car being hit in an accident, it’s the first thing insurance companies look for, no matter who is driving. As to who pays when there’s a pile-up, Holmes Insurance Services will walk you through that and what else you should know about auto insurance following the car.

Under What Circumstances Does The Insurance Follow The Car?

Insurance companies get it when a North Carolina child takes a parent’s car off to college at MIT or UCLA. They understand when a North Carolina military resident is stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA or at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. They understand when your daughter takes your car cross-country for the first time to visit Aunt Barbara. 

What About Pile-Ups? Who Pays?

North Carolina is an at-fault state. This means that the irresponsible driver’s insurance pays for damages and medical charges. However, when a third Youngsville, NC driver is also at fault, the driver who was originally at fault is likely to be judged responsible for all of it and must pay accordingly. 

When your car is in a multiple-car accident, call Holmes Insurance Services to explain who’s at fault and who pays for damages to your vehicle. We’ll walk you through what to do if an at-fault driver is uninsured or hasn’t enough or any uninsured motorist insurance. That’s what we do, so drop by today.

Four misconceptions about auto insurance

Holmes Insurance Services insures drivers in Youngsville, NC. If you are a motorist, it’s important that you’re accurately informed about auto insurance. There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to auto insurance.

The following are four common misconceptions about auto insurance:

Every insurance company is more or less the same as the others.

When you get quotes on auto insurance policies, you’ll notice that different insurance providers offer different quote amounts. Insurance companies can also differ in terms of the exact coverage options they offer.

That’s why you really need to do your research on different insurance companies offering insurance in your area when you buy coverage for your car. 

You shouldn’t get more than the minimum coverage required by law.

If you want to be protected financially, it’s best to get more coverage than just the minimum required by law. You could find yourself in debt if you get in an accident that costs you much more than the maximum policy limits of your auto insurance policy. 

All insurance policies include collision coverage.

You have to add collision coverage to your policy if you want to be sure that damage to your own vehicle will be covered. A basic policy will only include liability coverage, so make sure that you specify if you want collision coverage. 

You can use your personal auto insurance when you’re driving a vehicle for business purposes. 

You should purchase a commercial auto insurance policy if your vehicle is regularly used for commercial purposes. You’re not supposed to cover a business vehicle with a personal insurance policy. 

Let us help you choose the right auto insurance solution in Youngsville, NC. Call us at Holmes Insurance Services and we’ll be happy to give you a quote on a policy!

Will My Auto Insurance Cover Someone Else Driving My Vehicle?

There are a number of reasons why someone else may be driving your vehicle. Their car may be in the shop, and you may be lending them your vehicle, or they may be doing you a favor, such as picking your kids up from school and borrowing your car to do so. Or, you may have guests visiting you from out of state, and you may give them your vehicle so they can run up to the store or out to eat alone one night.

At Holmes Insurance Services, serving the greater Youngsville, NC area, we are often asked if auto insurance will cover someone else driving their vehicle. 

Will My Auto Insurance Cover Someone Else Driving My Vehicle?

As a general rule of thumb, yes, your auto insurance will cover someone else who is driving your vehicle, as long as that person is licensed. If the individual is not licensed and is driving your vehicle illegally, they generally will not be covered by your auto insurance policy.

Additionally, your auto insurance policy may have an excluded driver list. If your policy has an excluded driver list, read this list and see if anyone is on the list. If you have a family member who is on the list, they are excluded from driving your vehicle and will not be covered by your auto insurance policy. 

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Auto Insurance Protects You from Financial Disaster

You may wonder, how? If you are ever in an accident or if your car is stolen, the costs can mount up quickly. We at Holmes Insurance Services in Youngsville NC can help you with all your auto insurance needs.

Auto Insurance Coverage: What You Need To Know

Only two states in the country do not require auto insurance – Virginia and New Hampshire. All the other states require insurance prior to the purchase or registration of a vehicle. The federal government allows each state to set its own laws regarding car insurance.

Anyone not covered by insurance can be fined or face jail time. All drivers should have the most affordable insurance their budget can handle. Certain lenders may require drivers to have coverage prior to getting approved for a loan.

Liability is the reason for mandatory car insurance. Causing an accident is one of the most stressful and potentially expensive things that can happen to any driver. Liability insurance helps to defray the costs of the charges you will be responsible for.

Personal injury protection or collision insurance will handle the costs no matter who is at fault.

Renting and leasing a vehicle can increase insurance requirements.

Accidents are not the only reason for insurance. Weather events such as tornadoes, hail, fires, etc. can damage your vehicle. These types of “acts of God” are covered under a comprehensive policy where no one is at fault. This type of insurance is important if your car is vandalized or stolen. Certain policies will cover damaged or stolen personal property that was in the car.

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When To Shop For Auto Insurance

Because auto insurance is a unique type of expense, you want to be careful how you choose your service. Auto insurance is unique because it is one of the few expenses that are required by law. At Holmes Insurance Services, serving Youngsville, NC, we can help you better understand when to shop for insurance so that you are always getting the best deals.

When To Shop For Auto Insurance

Purchasing A New Vehicle

If you are considering the purchase of a vehicle, you will want to shop around and get the best quotes. If you are financing this vehicle, the finance company will most likely require that you have insurance ready to go before finalizing the purchase. 

Adding A New Driver

If you are adding a new driver to your policy, you may first want to consider comparing quotes from a few different companies. You may be surprised to see how your costs change when adding a driver. If this new driver will also be bringing a vehicle to the policy, you will want to determine which vehicle will be the primary vehicle. This will also affect your costs.

If the new driver you are adding is a new teen driver, you will want to find out about any discounts or benefits you can take advantage of for driver’s ed classes or good grades.  

Getting Married

If you are getting married or have recently gotten married, you will want to discuss insurance changes on your policy. Adding a spouse can sometimes earn you special benefits.

If you would like to learn more about auto insurance, or any of our other products, please contact us at Holmes Insurance Services, serving Youngsville, NC, and the surrounding areas.  

Why Relying On Minimal Auto Insurance Coverage Isn’t Ideal

Holmes Insurance Services assists the Youngsville, NC community. We are committed to helping our clients find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We want to make sure that our clients have a safety net to rely on when an emergency strikes. We work closely with multiple carriers through the South. This helps us offer flexible policies that align with our client’s unique needs. We will sit down with you and help you find a policy that aligns with your individual situation.

Why Relying On Minimal Auto Insurance Isn’t Ideal

Auto insurance helps you stay protected as you travel through Youngsville, NC and other parts of the state. Liability coverage protects you if you are responsible for injuring someone. Perhaps you take your eye off the road for a split second and that causes your vehicle to swerve. Liability coverage will protect you by covering the injured party’s medical treatment. Collision coverage protects your vehicle if it suffers damage due to being involved in an accident. Collision coverage gives you peace of mind that the repairs will be handled. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if someone attempts to steal or vandalize it. The humid weather in Youngsville NC can lead to severe storms sometimes. Comprehensive coverage will protect you if your vehicle suffers a cracked windshield or mirror due to inclement weather.

If you opt for minimal liability coverage, you’re at risk if your vehicle suffers damage. Minimal coverage will cover any damages that your vehicle sustains in an accident. You may also be left unprotected if your vehicle has a dead battery, and you need urgent roadside assistance. Adding as much insurance coverage as possible prevents you from being in an uncomfortable situation in the future.

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