What Does It Mean When Auto Insurance “Follows The Car And Not The Driver?”

Insurance companies get this question a lot. Let’s say your Mom’s car is in a Youngsville, NC shop, but she needs to go somewhere. You’re busy and can’t take her, so you toss her your car keys. Someone hits her. Someone hits them. It’s discovered that the person who hit her first isn’t insured, and the person who hit them has no uninsured motorist. Who pays for all this?

Auto insurance rarely, if ever, follows the driver. Since it’s the car being hit in an accident, it’s the first thing insurance companies look for, no matter who is driving. As to who pays when there’s a pile-up, Holmes Insurance Services will walk you through that and what else you should know about auto insurance following the car.

Under What Circumstances Does The Insurance Follow The Car?

Insurance companies get it when a North Carolina child takes a parent’s car off to college at MIT or UCLA. They understand when a North Carolina military resident is stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA or at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. They understand when your daughter takes your car cross-country for the first time to visit Aunt Barbara. 

What About Pile-Ups? Who Pays?

North Carolina is an at-fault state. This means that the irresponsible driver’s insurance pays for damages and medical charges. However, when a third Youngsville, NC driver is also at fault, the driver who was originally at fault is likely to be judged responsible for all of it and must pay accordingly. 

When your car is in a multiple-car accident, call Holmes Insurance Services to explain who’s at fault and who pays for damages to your vehicle. We’ll walk you through what to do if an at-fault driver is uninsured or hasn’t enough or any uninsured motorist insurance. That’s what we do, so drop by today.