Why Do You Need Home Insurance?

When you own a home, there is a broad range of things that may happen to it and what’s inside it. There are so many risks to your home that it’s never a good idea to go even a day without home insurance.

Home insurance is likely required for you to have by various organizations, including your lender. This insurance is so important that it’s a good idea to set it up before you buy your home.

If you need home insurance for your new home, or you want to switch insurance companies for a new policy, call us today at Holmes Insurance Services in Youngsville, NC.

Why Home Insurance?

Protection for Your Home

Your home is an important investment that you’ve made, and part of your responsibility to it is to keep it insured. There are many accidents, disasters, and other incidents that can happen to your home and damage or destroy it. If this were to happen, you need to be covered so that the repairs can be paid for by the policy. We provide home insurance that protects you against a wide range of incidents that could happen that would require repairs or rebuilding. 

Protection for Your Belongings

It’s also important to have this insurance because it protects all of the items that you own inside your home. Next to the investment in your home, your belongings are likely your second-largest investment. That makes it important to have those items covered just like you cover the dwelling itself. Home insurance includes this coverage so that you can have your items replaced if a damaging incident were to occur. 

Always Have Home Insurance

Never put off getting this vital insurance type. When you need a home policy to protect yourself from many potential costs, call us at Holmes Insurance Services. We serve the greater Youngsville, NC community.