Life Insurance in North Carolina

People that live in the Youngsville, NC area will have various needs when it comes to insurance. One of the most important forms of insurance to get when you are in this area of North Carolina is life insurance. This form of coverage will offer financial support to those that you care about if you were to pass away. The two most common forms of life insurance coverage to get are whole and term life. There are other options available that can be discussed with one of our professional agents. Those looking for protection need to evaluate the benefits of each option.

Whole Life Insurance Advantages

A form of insurance to obtain if you are in North Carolina is whole life insurance. This type of life insurance is ideal for many as it will offer you coverage as long as you want it and keep making premium payments. Another advantage is that some of your payments each month will go into an account and continue to build in value over time, which can make it a good addition to a personal investment plan.

Term Life Insurance Advantages

Whole life can offer some clear benefits to policyholders. Another option to consider is term life insurance. With term coverage, you are going to receive protection up to your policy limit for the full term of the plan, which can be for 25 years or more. A primary benefit of this coverage is that the monthly payments are more affordable, which allows you to get more coverage. However, there are not any investment benefits with term life.

Universal Life Insurance Options

Our agency is also proud to offer universal life, which is a form of permanent insurance that can have multiple uses. These types of policies can have an investment savings elements added into it. Speak with our team to learn more.

There are many options available to protect your loved ones in the event you pass away during your income earning years, or to fulfill an estate planning need. At Holmes Insurance, we listen to your goals and needs before we make a recommendation on the type of coverage. We have access to many of the companies that offer life insurance in North Carolina, so we can find the right plan for you. Whether it is for a complicated business or estate need, or you just simply need to protect your income with term insurance, we can find the best plan to protect your need. Contact our office in Youngsville, NC for more information.

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